What Does the "X" Mean On The Heat Sheets?

Posted by Bear-A-Cudas Summer Swim & Dive on Jun 29 2017 at 08:36AM PDT

I understand there have been several questions about the purpose of exhibition events. Exhibition events are a way for us coaches to see more kids swim and get better times for their abilities so we can make an informed decision about the top times for champs line up. Exhibition events do not score for the team BUT the times do count in the data base we have to compare all of the times. If we did not run exhibition events, many athletes wouldn’t get a chance to show their improvements and abilities. We, the coaches, have three different stances we can take with exhibition events.
1. Run no exhibition and only the 3 or 4 fastest in each event would get to swim. Some kids even during the regular season may only swim one or two events and it could even be none. The coaches do not like this option because all kids deserve an opportunity.
2. Make all of our slower kids the exhibition swim every time and only allow our fastest kids to have scoring opportunities. We have done this before.
3. Mix up who’s exhibition and who is scoring so everyone has an opportunity during the regular season to earn ribbons, get their best times, and explore all of their talents.

Exhibition events are simply an opportunity for the coaches to see the athletes swim and give everyone a chance to see improvement. When we give kids an opportunity to improve and see their improvement, their desire and strength increases.

At champs we can ONLY enter 4 per individual event and 2 relays. If we don’t give kids multiple opportunities to swim their best time we are doing them a disservice. Dual meets are designed to find all talents and to see where athletes can help the team the most at champs where the line up will be competitive.

If you have any more questions please come see Lesley or Makenzie. They are more than willing to answer your questions.


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