Important Info for Swim Champs!!

Posted by Bear-A-Cudas Summer Swim & Dive on Jul 13 2017 at 12:35PM PDT

Prelims: We will run all 8 lanes
Finals: We will run lanes 3-8. Lane 2 will be closed and lane 1 will be open for wu/wd (entry ONLY) at the steps into the pool).

We will be using plungers as the primary timing along with stopwatches.

8&Under 25s will start from the turn end of the pool.

There will be NO Clerk of Course. Additionally, there is a red and gray permanent shelter structure at the northeast corner of the pool by lane 1. We will have chairs set up in there for swimmers waiting for their upcoming event.

Coaches will be asked to be on the north side of the pool (where the diving boards are). Spectator bleachers will be set up on the south side.

Entry into the pool must be at the back gate from the parking lot. Swimmers/spectators will have to be dropped off at the entrance to the parking lot.

Located at the north end of the parking lot will be two food vendors. Any food purchased from the vendors MUST be eaten in the parking lot. We will have tables and chairs set up to accommodate this.

Food/Snacks that the swimmers bring into the pool in their bags is fine. We will have a concessions area with quick breakfast foods and prepackaged snacks set up on deck under the shelter next to the slide. They will also have water.

Poco Loco will be set up inside the pool area.

The splash pad located west of the pool house entrance will be open at no charge for the weekend. If anyone wants to use it, they need to exit the pool area at the back gate and walk around to the front. There is no charge to use it this weekend. NO SWIMMER SHOULD BE ON THIS. ONLY SPECTATORS

The lazy river and the activity pool are closed for the weekend and will have tubes set up on the ground in front to indicate ‘closed’.

BG Parks and Rec blocked off all but 2 of the shelters to rentals the weekend of Champs. If your team wishes to use one between sessions, they are available on a first come-first serve basis.

***Once you see your team area, you can set up tents next to your ‘area’. Please be aware that you are responsible for supporting/tying down your tent in an area that might not have enough/any grass.
DAYS: The farthest point south of the pool in a grass area next to the splash pad.
WAUSEON: Just north of the fenced in splash pad pavilion.
OTTAWA: North of the lazy river control unit. Will be attached to the red permanent shelter.
BRYAN: Northwest of the competition pool by the wood announcement sign structure.
NAPOLEON: Directly south of the slide.

Parking for spectators:
The east section of the parking lot is reserved for those who want to use the park and those with rentals.
The remainder of the park is up for grabs.
There is a small parking lot in the park south of the skate park.
There is parking at Conneaut elementary school at the corner of Haskins and Conneaut. At the north dead end of Faye Street, there is a path to get through to the city park.
There is parking at Conneaut Hill Park, at the opposite corner of Conneaut elementary school.


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